Medical Gas Pipeline Drawings: Could you locate yours?

Could you locate the drawings for your Medical Gas Pipeline System, should you be audited?

An essential part of managing your MGPS Policy safely, efficiently and in accordance with HTM02-01, is by ensuring that your drawings, records & documentation are always current & correct.

This can be of even more importance when faced with an emergency situation or shutdown.

HAC are able to provide tailored, turnkey solutions, including risk assessments, audits, surveys and the production of drawings, all of which are carried out by our highly qualified & experienced Authorised Persons, giving you peace of mind that all works are carried out to the highest of standards & meet the requirements of the relevant regulations.

Our services include:

- Risk Assessment(s) of current drawings, policies, records and documentation
- Full site survey(s) and production of ‘As-Fitted’ drawings
- Systems survey(s), mark-up and update of existing drawings
- Production of schematic drawings
- Production of simple line drawings for AVSU'S, showing rooms and terminal units for quick reference
- Production of isometric drawings, flow and pressure drops
- Valve schedule production and application of labels to suit

All drawings are completed in AutoCAD using suitable layers that show individual Medical Gases, using industry standard symbols and blocks, with all details including pipe size, direction of flow, valve location and AVSU's.

All areas are covered including plant and manifold rooms, corridors, wards and clinical areas.

HAC take a different approach to completing this vitally important service and suggest that a phased/tailored programme is implemented by offering risk assessments and policy review, which may subsequently highlight the need for a complete or partial survey, full drawing package or drawing ‘up-grade’ package, all with detailed support provided throughout the process.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone on 0116 269 1480 or e-mail at [email protected] .