NHS Patient Safety Alert - Oxygen

Nhs Patient Safety Alert

Serious Risks from Misuse of Oxygen Cylinders

Further to the latest Patient Safety Alert issued by the NHS on the 9th January 2018, concerning the risk of death and severe harm from the failure to obtain and continue flow from Oxygen Cylinders, we would like to draw your attention to the attached document (please see download at the bottom of the page) and remind you of your responsibilities regarding the alert:

  • Identify if oxygen cylinders are used in your organisation, even if only in emergencies.
  • Bring this alert to the attention of all those with a leadership role in ensuring clinical staff understand how to operate oxygen cylinders safely.
  • Consider if immediate local action is needed and ensure that an action plan is underway to reduce the risk of incorrect use of oxygen cylinders.
  • Communicate the key messages in this alert and your local action plan to all relevant medical, nursing, therapy, pharmacy and support staff.

Should you not have any control or influence over the site or staff where you work, please ensure that this alert is passed on to the relevant people concerned to enable them to carry out the necessary procedures, including any training that may be required.

Should you wish to discuss this alert further or would like a quotation for Portable Cylinder or Medical Gas Pipeline Safety training please do not hesitate to contact us directly via telephone (0116 269 1480), e-mail ([email protected]) or via the Contact Form below.

We would be happy to assist with any queries or concerns you might have in any way that we can.

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